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(USA) + (CAT)
March 24, 9pm
CC Sant Narcís, Girona
Ant. 12€ / Taq. 17€
There is life after The Bellrays and it's called Lisa & The Lips. Lisa Kekaula has not lost energy, she continues to have a clinical eye for choosing which topics to include in a show helping to internationalize Soul. He has managed to make a band made up mostly of Spanish musicians, with the exception of his inseparable Bob Vennum, merge with his American soul, abolishing creative, geographical and spiritual borders.

A project in which they practice incendiary soul-funk with which the soles of your shoes will burst. It is essential to see this Californian lioness on stage who, with more than 20 years of experience, has been able to combine soul and punk rock like almost no one else. Unquestionable physical energy and vocal power.
Clara Gispert's voice is the guiding thread of her first personal project, a fresh and surprising project where European classical music and the tradition of jazz, blues and country of the 20th century face the sonic and stylistic possibilities of hip current hop and pop.

Her songs speak of the latent contradictions in society, of the extraordinary in the everyday and of women as the driving force, creator and protagonist of their own history.

The result is a show with solid and bold compositions that enter the listener like silk and that Clara sings with a great stylistic ease and a stunning expressiveness.