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The Kleejoss Band

Sunday 18 de February de 2024 | 19.30h

Centre Polivalent La Torrentera, Aiguaviva | 10€ ant. / 15€ taq.

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One, two, one, two, three, fou…! This is how songs are usually started at a rock concert. It seems like something simple and repetitive and yet The Kleejoss Band knows how to offer something different behind these words.

Beyond their multi-awarded good live performance or their ease of making great songs, which fill their six works to date, they know that no two shows can be the same. The goal is to surprise even if you’ve seen them before. They will give you different repertoires, collaborations or you might even end up on stage singing with them. Everything can happen at their concerts because they are animals that follow their instincts and if the audience is different in each place why offer the same thing every night? The Kleejoss Band already knows hits and hard times, full and empty halls, line-up changes and internal earthquakes. They have lived in 9 years what others in 20, but that matters little. Maybe a glorious past increases the cash of some bands but they are not in this battle but to get to your house. Getting you to want to put the disc back in; see his live show again because it won’t be like the last time. They care about your respect and need to take pride in what they do. Write that song you want to hear over and over again; treat yourself to a memorable night. Everything that happened doesn’t matter anymore, the songs don’t wait and are ready to come out. The Kleejoss Band has an exciting year ahead, lots of shows and a new album on the horizon. As they say, you might get lost, but you’ll be less happy.

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